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1 Food That Fights Dementia

Look closely at the picture below. There's an amazing superfood in here that fights dementia.

Coconut Oil Making

And in a few minutes, you’ll discover what this prehistoric plant is, and how it can help you possibly stop living in fear of dementia, and even Alzheimer’s.

And avoid being a burden to your family.

PLUS you’ll see how you can…

Fight the advance of dementia...

Enjoy delicious, healthy foods that promote brain health

… And possibly help KEEP you from spending your final days in a “memory care facility”.

Without eating rabbit food and other weird stuff.

Without taking prescription drugs and suffering through side-effects like never having sex again.

Without giving up the parts of your life that you love.

And without an ox-powered mill like the two guys in the picture above.

Just a fair bit of warning:

I have no idea how long this report will be online...

Because frankly, I’m working on a paid report which will include this information—and a whole lot more.

So read this report now… while it’s still online… and still free.

And here’s another reason why you read this right now...

What you’ll see is completely different than what the mainstream media and “Big Pharma” have led you to believe…

So prepare to be shocked by what I reveal to you today…

Because I believe a natural, holistic approach is the best way to promote brain health.

Without prescription drugs with dangerous side-effects.

In fact, you’ll find almost everything you need to maintain a robust brain …

In your local SUPERMARKET.

Down aisle 4 and aisle 7 and in the produce section.

I’ll tell you about these foods—including the prehistoric superfood, and its amazing results—in a moment.

But first I’d like to introduce myself, and explain my background with this devastating disease.

That way you know I’m an expert you can trust.

Frankly, I don’t recommend you listen to anyone—including me—until you know their background and expertise with dementia. Is that fair?

Great. Now listen closely.

I’m Dr. Will Mitchell and I’ve been practicing medicine since 2001.

In addition to being a doctor, I am also an Applied Clinical Nutritionist.

This means I see the impact of food on people’s health—especially brain health—every day (and how nutrition can help beat dementia).

Look, Alzheimer’s is a terrible disease.

But I'm here to tell you that this disease CAN be prevented.

I’ve spent the last 10 years researching Alzheimer’s and dementia.

According to the Alzheimer's Association:

  • Alzheimer’s kills more people than breast cancer and prostate cancer—combined.1,4,5
  • Every 66 seconds, someone in the US develops the disease.1,4,5
  • 1 in 3 seniors die with Alzheimer’s or some form of dementia. Two-thirds of those are women.1,4,5

And it’s not just the person with Alzheimer’s who suffers.

  • Nearly half of caregivers—usually a spouse or children—take an additional job, work more hours, go back to work, or even postpone retirement.1,4,5
  • And it gets worse. The average costs for long-term care services in the United States range from $21,535 for day services to $91,250 per year for a private room in a nursing home. And remember: these are just averages.1,4,5

So let’s have a conversation about dementia and those “senior moments”... just like you and me are sitting down in my clinic.

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been studying Dementia for over a decade. It’s personal. Several years ago, my aunt died from Alzheimer’s. At the time, I didn’t know much about dementia. And her Alzheimer’s had progressed too far for me to help.

Before dementia, she was loving life - just leading her life to its fullest and doing all the things she loved. Then suddenly, she was confused and couldn’t recognize family members. And we couldn’t recognize her. She eventually passed away, and after her funeral, I made the decision to discover all I could about dementia.

I said to myself, “I’m not going to let this happen to any of my relatives, to my patients, to me, and to people who want to avoid dementia.”

So I started a journey to discover all I could about this deadly disease. And what I discovered ASTOUNDED me. For example, dementia is NOT always hereditary.9

When I started my research into dementia several years ago, I was SHOCKED when I saw a study from Louisiana State University, which said...

“...the vast majority of cases of dementia in the elderly cannot be explained on the basis of genetics alone...”

What?!? It’s Not Genetic?

“Dietary and lifestyle choices can modulate the development and progression of dementia and brain pathology.”10

In plain English - make some simple changes... and you can fight against dementia. But if it’s not genetics, then what’s happening?

What’s Really Going On in Your Brain.

Why do people get dementia and eventually... Alzheimer’s? To answer this question, let’s unzip your brain and take a look inside.10

Your brain is like tens of thousands of storage areas, each with specific memories. These “storage areas” must connect and communicate so you remember things... like where you put your keys. Or passwords to websites.

That’s where neurotransmitters come in. Neurotransmitters are powerful chemicals in the brain that transmit information from one part of the brain to the other. Ultimately, neurotransmitters impact memory, learning, attention, and wakefulness... everything we do. Our LIFE, in other words.

But... when the neurotransmitters fail repeatedly, then you potentially start developing dementia. And eventually, an even bigger problem called Alzheimer’s. What causes the neurotransmitters to stop working? LIFE!

Everything ages in the body. We get gray hair even though we don’t want grey hair. The heart gets older. The BRAIN gets older. It’s natural... as much as we might hate it. As you get older... it’s even more important to get the right “brain food” to your brain. Your brain—and your neurotransmitters—need the right fuel plus plenty of oxygen.

What you eat and how you treat your body determines the quality of the nutrition and oxygen your neurotransmitters receive. If your brain is getting the right nutrition and oxygen then your brain remains healthy. But if your brain gets “junk” nutrition then your neurotransmitters stop working, you may start getting senior moments and eventually you can end up with dementia.

The death of your neurotransmitters—and your brain—happens slowly over many, many years. Eventually, after years of bad fuel and oxygen, the brain creates “plaques” like the sludge in a clogged engine. The neurotransmitters start to misfire... sending the wrong signals to the wrong parts of the brain. The intricate wiring of the brain starts to get tangled—then permanently broken.

Brain cells die faster than they can be replaced. Parts of the brain start to die. This leads to “senior moments” and, finally... disorientation, speech problems, abnormal behavior and all the other symptoms of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

Yes... You Can Fight This

But fortunately, my research told me these phenomenal facts. All of this can be prevented. And if dementia has already started, then it can be fought... by making a few simple lifestyle changes and adding certain foods to your diet. I will tell you about those foods in a minute. But first, let me give you some proof that dementia can be fought.

In September 2014, a researcher named Dr. Dale Bredeson was studying 10 people with cognitive impairments. The pharmaceutical companies haven’t even come close to producing a drug for the treatment of dementia. Dr. Bredeson changed what these people were eating. He also recommended slight lifestyle changes. Plus, he added brain-friendly vitamins, herbs, minerals, and dietary supplements to their daily diet. The patients considered themselves untreatable. But they followed Dr. Bredeson’s advice.

The Strange Story of this 67-Year-Old

One 67-year old patient had been doing terribly at work. Driving to work, she forgot which exit to use on the freeway and got lost. She mixed up the names of her pets. And she even forgot the location of light switches in her home. Her mother had died of dementia and her doctor had told her she had the same condition. But she followed Dr. Bredeson’s plan. Within three months, she was back to work full-time, could navigate without problems, and no longer had many symptoms of her dementia.

Also in the study was a 55-year old attorney who had started to experience severe memory issues. She had left the stove on multiple times... then left the house risking turning her home into an inferno. She forgot meetings and double-booked her schedule. She took notes on her iPad to help her remember simple facts... but she forgot the password to the iPad. Needless to say, she was desperate because she could not function in the professional environment. She was about to lose her job... and her life. Dr. Bredeson noted that the woman’s memory was better than it had been in many years.

After just 5 months on Dr. Bredeson’s program, the attorney no longer needed her iPad to take notes. She returned to work, learned Spanish, and began a new legal specialty. Her children noticed their mother’s razor-sharp mind was back to normal.

Of the 10 patients in Dr. Bredeson’s program, nine drastically improved the symptoms of their dementia11... and continued living their lives without most of the symptoms.

During my research, I also came across the story of a doctor and her husband. I have changed the names to maintain the couple’s privacy.12

A few years ago, Dr. Laura Barnes noticed that her husband, Dennis, was acting strangely.

He was just 53 years old! An accountant, Dennis started to struggle with basic calculations. He was a technology wizard... but suddenly couldn’t operate a calculator. “At one time, he could practically take apart a computer,” said Dr. Barnes. “After awhile, he couldn’t even turn one on.” Dennis went downhill fast. He retreated into a shell. He couldn’t walk. Then he couldn’t read. Doctors diagnosed Dennis with early-onset dementia. Drugs to treat the symptoms of dementia didn’t work but gave Dennis terrible side-effects. But Dr. Barnes was determined. She was not going to let her husband suffer.

Her research found a promising discovery. A company was applying for a drug to treat the symptoms of dementia.

Play Close Attention to MCTs

The main ingredient in the drug was medium chain triglycerides... also known as MCTs. MCTs are found in large quantities in coconut oil. A pilot study showed that the drug with those MCTs helped slow the effects of Alzheimer’s. But the drug was not available.

After reading about the trial, Dr. Barnes drove like a maniac to the closest health food store selling coconut oil. “What do I have to lose by trying this?” she asked herself. The next morning she secretly poured a couple of tablespoons on her husband’s oatmeal.

That evening, she added some coconut oil to his dinner. Massive improvement took place in just 30 days! His normal personality returned. He walked correctly. Reading was normal. The fog lifted. At a family gathering, Dennis recognized people and maintained normal conversations.

So my first piece of advice if you’re starting to have senior moments is to add coconut oil to your diet. Some of my patients stir it into a hot beverage or even add it to soup. You can also use coconut oil to stir fry vegetables... or even fry eggs. But you must use the most potent form of coconut oil—especially for brain health.

I’ll tell you how to find that version of coconut oil in a minute.

Walnuts have been heralded as brain-health boosting foods because of their chemical makeup including vitamins B and E, Omega-3s, and more.

Eggs (poor, demonized eggs!) are back and better than ever. In fact, studies show they are a great way to get choline, a necessary precursor for acetylcholine (an important neurotransmitter).

I recommend you add coconut oil, blueberries, walnuts, and eggs to your diet right away.

But that’s just the beginning.

I’ve identified 56 Super-Foods That Boost Your Brain Power, which you can enjoy immediately.

The Vitamin You Must Have

The other “instant” recommendation is to add B vitamins to your diet. Quite frankly, I could spend the next 5 hours talking about B vitamins...

...And the 8 different forms of coconut oil.

...Plus the other simple and powerful lifestyle changes I recommend to patients who are worried about those senior moments...

...Including Dr. Bredeson’s program.

But because you probably don’t have five hours right now... no worries. I put everything I know about dementia and brain health into a 121-page book titled THE UNBREAKABLE BRAIN.

Read this book from cover to cover and you learn my best recommendations to help fight dementia...

    You will also discover...

  • The power of neurotransmitters and how to keep them healthy.
  • Surprising research about who is really at risk for dementia...this will shock you.
  • 4 easily preventable causes of dementia.
  • 13 prescription drugs that can negatively impact brain health. Your doctor has probably prescribed at least one of these for you.
  • Why a low-fat diet can be a disaster for brain health.
  • Natural ways to boost your brain power with NATURAL and wholesome foods.
  • How to get “pure” energy to the brain constantly.
  • 14 foods you MUST eat for superior brain health.
  • One type of low-impact physical activity I recommend you start—right away.
  • How you can literally re-grow your brain.
  • Why I recommend weight training for brain health. Yes... pumping iron!
  • The benefits of “dual task training”... it’s a little known weapon against dementia.
  • 6 fun “brain challenges” you can perform to keep your mind razor-sharp.
  • The VERY FIRST activity I recommend for brain health—this will surprise you.
  • The power of music to fight off symptoms of dementia.
  • Why you should go to parties... often!
  • Secrets of brain-boosting sleep and rest.
  • The dietary supplements I recommend... and the ones I don’t.
  • 2 essential brain vitamins.
  • The one B vitamin associated with a slowing of brain atrophy and improve all-around memory.
  • That one type of coconut oil that’s more potent than other forms.
  • Why fish oil is so vital... and the type of fish oil I recommend to support brain health...
  • Most fish oils are terrible... but find the right one and you can dramatically improve your brain health.
  • 2 minerals I consider essential for memory support.

That’s just a fraction of what you’ll discover when you read THE UNBREAKABLE BRAIN.

A Full Plan for Brain Health

PLUS... THE UNBREAKABLE BRAIN gives you a 28-day plan for brain health you can start right away. The plan gives you 7 powerful strategies you can easily adopt in the next 4 weeks. There’s more. You will also discover...

  • How moderate exercise is the “new brain food” and ultimate dementia-fighting force.
  • The one type of exercise that stimulates the growth of brain cells and neural pathways faster than other types of exercise.
  • Four types of exercise to try—including a dance that’s popular in Cuba and a martial art you perform in water. Yes, water!
  • Why you MUST pay close attention to the vital concept of brain “plasticity” and how this will keep your brain vibrant and clear as long as you live.
  • 3 simple tests you can take right now to see if you may have dementia—or if you’re at risk of developing dementia.
  • Why I recommend adding eggs to your diet— despite what you may have heard about cholesterol.
  • The one vitamin you must be careful with... too much and it can overexcite the brain... like revving the engine until it blows up.
  • One dietary supplement that millions use... thinking it’s good for you. But it can lead to dementia— especially when you take too much.
  • How to avoid the 11 “fake” foods everyone over 50 MUST NOT EAT.
  • The truth about three ancient herbs... and how these are the “rising stars” of memory improvement.
  • The right amounts of copper and zinc to take... and the wrong amounts.

And much, much more.

Read This If You Want a
Healthy Brain... and Life.

In THE UNBREAKABLE BRAIN, I have written down EVERYTHING I know about the prevention and treatment of dementia... Based on over a decade of research.

OK—so let me ask you a simple question:

What’s The Value— To You And Your Family—
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We could talk about the cost of entering a “memory care facility” or nursing home. That’s anywhere from $5,000 to $10,000 a month. But we’re really talking about your health... and staying active into your golden years. And helping you to keep your independence so you enjoy the life YOU want to lead.

How Can You Put A Price On That?.

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I give you a clear road map—from a doctor and nutritionist—so you take the right steps for your brain health.

Excellent Advice. Clear Advice.
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No technical medical language... just straightforward advice from a health professional who has spent over a decade researching dementia. What will you do knowing you're taking care of your brain? Continue your career if you’re not ready to retire? Enjoy building a super-sharp intellect and brain? If you have children and grand-children... maybe enjoy the time watching them grow and prosper?

Who knows, maybe you can even avoid having to leave your home for a memory care facility or nursing home. And here’s another big benefit that has nothing to do with dementia...

Follow the plan in THE UNBREAKABLE BRAIN... and you can possibly avoid killer diseases and conditions like... cancer... diabetes... high blood pressure... heart disease... strokes... blindness*. These are all connected to brain health.

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What Brain Health is Really About...
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Get THE UNBREAKABLE BRAIN... not just for you... but for the people around you. Your close family... relatives... and your friends.

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To Your Health

Dr. Will Mitchell


P.S. Look... I can’t stress this enough... you can absolutely take steps RIGHT NOW to help prevent and fight against dementia. Just follow the clear instructions in my book, THE UNBREAKABLE BRAIN.


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The Unbreakable Brain gives you: a simple 4-week method to regain your brain health and ward off other issues.

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