The Unbreakable Brain

By Dr. Will Mitchell, DOM, MS Nutrition

I put everything I know about brain health into a 121-page book titled THE UNBREAKABLE BRAIN.

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You'll Discover:

From Page 80

The important mineral that plays a direct role in improving learning and memory. Do you have enough?

From Pages 46-47

The cognitive tests you can take online that will identify early problems, including the need for formal evaluation.

From Page 64

How Computerized Cognitive Retraining — better known as brain games you play online — builds new brain cells and neural pathways.

What Readers Are Saying:

Dorothy M.

“I am delighted with my results and I would highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with memory problems as they age.”

Evelyn I.

“Thanks so much for the book. I was blanking out! I had to sit and really think! I couldn't remember a lot of things. I can sure think better now.”

Beverly C.

“I took your book to my doctor's office, and he knew of it and said it was one of the best. My doctor is on board with this plan.”

About Dr. Will Mitchell

Dr. Will Mitchell has degrees in Micro-biology, Oriental Medicine, Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine. He is an Applied Clinical Nutritionist and is licensed to practice medicine in both Texas and New Mexico.

Dr. Mitchell is committed to medical research and education, and his popular lectures are held across the United States and Canada.

His commitment to education and research gives him a technical background that allows him to specialize in working with difficult and challenging health conditions. He has taught doctors of all types in the US and Canada how to use nutrition with their patients.

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